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Bladen County Slave Information: 1850 N.E. Cape Fear Slave Owners

Owner 1850Slaves 1850
Joseph Melvin1
John Melvin20
William Davis34
Jonathan Melvin7
Samuel N Richardson43
Elizabeth Beard5
William S Melvin1
James Melvin1
William G Bryan5
Andrew J Bryan6
James Bryan10
Mary J Harvey6
William T Jessup7
John D Salter9
Elizabeth Salter1
John W Rinaldi1
Isaac Wright225
John S Richardson23
William J Dunham9
John Young7
Mathew Young6
James Johnson1
Charles Colvin10
Simon Burney1
John D Clark2
John Bryan9
John Smith41
John Sikes18
William Young2
David Jones3
James W Cromartie11
Ann J Harvey3
Daniel Smith2
Theophilus Tatum5
Mary Downing1
John McColl11
William Suggs14
Ollen Tatum1
Richard W Johnson11
Malcom McInnis1
Thomas McInnis8
Kinion Johnson1
Daniel Johnson6
William Burdeaux7
Daniel McDuffee1
Elizabeth Melvin15
James H Melvin2
David B Melvin9
James Fort1
Daniel M Melvin6
Neill Beard3
John Fort19
Isaac Jessup16
Joshua Jessup2
William Bullard1
Rayford Fisher8
John R M Lenon2
Stephen Hair1
Malcom Monroe12
William Hales7
Penelope McDaniel6
Love McDaniel7
Duncan Bedsole2
Wilie Hall3
Hugh Simpson Sr13
John Fisher1
David Jones6
Elizabeth Jones1
Hugh Simpson Jr2
Thomas Smith8
Daniel H Marshburn5
Joel Johnson17
Daniel Johnson1
John Cain1
William Reeves2
Wilie Reeves2
John McDuffee4
John Herring8
Ann J Melvin19
Patrick L Cromartie20
Elizabeth McMillan7
John Cromartie21
Patrick Cromartie15
John C Melvin1
William J Parker3
Duncan Melvin4
James K Melvin2
Sarah A Melvin25
Washington A Melvin8
Robert Melvin1
Jane S H Beatty8
Luther Cromartie23
William T Sutton5
William T Cromartie5
William W Andrews17
James Meridith14
Stephen Pridgen11
Timothy Pridgen19
Patrick L Anders15
Samuel Anders7
Elizabeth Anders13
George W Bannerman33
Alexander Sikes1
Ann Anders7
Ann O Anders4
Hannah Pridgen12
William H Beatty66
Calvin J Dickson20
Enoch Haws13
John W Anders4
Thomas S Lewis1
Charles Mulford1
James McDuffee3
Alex McDougald1
John G Sutton17
John P McKay11
Wilie Atkinson21
Wilie A Atkinson12
John M McKay13
Luke Sikes1
Hannah J Johnson16
Mary Simpson27
Jas. B Simpson5
Nancy Adams1
Bryant Ellmore6
Henry Lucas10
John J D Lucas14
William B Lucas6
Amber Wilson1
John Bush2
Robert C Kelly1
Charles Ellwell1
Jones H Allen3
James Allen28
Josiah Russ1
Benjamin Evans2
Thomas Russ3
William Ellwell2
Gabriel J Blizzard2
James B Pridgen3
Peter H Pridgen2
William A Barnhill1
William Spearman5
Aaron Peterson5
James P Russ1
Aaron M Larkins9
George Blizzard1
Helen G Barnhill5
James R Corbett8
Thomas J Russ1
Jonah D Russ10
John C Henry1
Richard M Simpson6
Hezekiah Boerum13
Daniel A McMillan5
George T Barksdale41

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