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Bladen County Slave Information: 1860 Slave Owners

Owner 1860Slaves 1860Slave Homes
J B Clark11
Daniel Shaw223
Ann Blue31
Dougald Blue7?
Neill McGill131
John Shaw11
John Roan11
Alex Shaw21
John Blue193
Daniel J McKithan82
John McKithan9?
H C McCullons132
M McLeod2?
Wm D McNeill5911
J M Kelly213
James Brown102
Sarah J Shipman447
E Mears11
Neill Curry61
Chester Swindell122
David J Nance31
Shade Wooten225
James Brown266
Henry J Gause51
Ella Butler11
Amos High102
Mary Lenon113
John B Lenon184
George W Jones2?
James E Kelly11
D L Singletery41
Haynes Lenon11
Ann J Singletary31
John M Lenon124
David Callahan11
R McRackin11
Barney Brown51
Neill Kelly83
K McKinon92
Robert McEwen91
James C Kelly41
Arden Blunt21
Rives Jordan102
A J Shipman207
J M Kelly12?
George McKee41
John McKee51
Colin Monroe254
Henry Hilburn11
S Singleterry31
Rolan Singleterry52
Jonathan Singleterry91
J J Nance11
John Butler62
W A Bizzell91
John A Richardson11
John W Richardson11
Wm. Loveith11
B L Craven11
E A J Clark11
A C Tredwell21
J M White61
Jas. Wilson11
John F Blue72
John L McMilon9821
J T Melvin11
N Rigans11
George Cromartie195
Arch Kelly81
Hillory Pate31
D M Nance31
Ewen Johnson41
Ephraim Hester163
Daniel Hester163
R M Lewis162
W S Lewis253
James Evers142
R S Gilispie124
J F Gilispie21
Susan Gilispie143
W H White21
Wm. H Porter21
D Cromartie4914
Thos. J C Norman215
Joseph Lyon244
Daniel Willis254
James Grimes71
Clark White11
Nathaniel Bryan93
Joseph Allen11
Willis Allen11
William Cain21
E E Robinson194
Samuel Cain81
Thom. J Purdie4513
Ellen P Owen4210
Ann M Purdie304
Eliza. J Purdie183
John W Purdie358
Durham Lewis11
S Barksdale4?
David Lewis389
J W Lesesne564
W J Spires11?
R D Parker11?
A S Kemp174
Thos. D McDowell5712
Wm. D McNeill5?
A S Miller397
B F Randolph123
Paul Nicholas11
D Cromartie21?
Wm. Lucas5?
Thomas Smith6218
John Allen71
Mary Monroe21
Daniel Munn154
Wm. Willis11
Bartram Robinson304
John Monroe112
James Robinson774
Charles Colvin103
Thomas J. Robinson459
J or F T Cromartie13230
Mathew Burn156
A J Burn3?
Archibald Peterson51
Catherine Furguson11
Isaac S Willis11
Isabella McArthur21
W N Whitted11432
A N Whitted28?
W L Gilmore121
Ann Crooker11
S A Robinson386
David Sikes163
Lucy Mims264
J D Love81
J C Moore41
C H Cogdel81
H H Robinson5816
John A McDowell3510
R R Company136?

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