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Bladen County Slave Information: Isaac Powell

In 1850 Isaac Powell was a farmer in Gates, North Carolina. At that time he owned four slaves; black female age 45, black male age 12, black male age 6 and a black male age 2.

Sometime prior to 1860 Isaac moved to Bladen County. In 1860 he was the only Powell listed on the US Census for Bladen County. Records indicate the he owned three slaves in 1860.

The 1870 census record three black Powell families in Bladen County. The heads of these three males were probably the former slaves of Isaac Powell. They were Gabe Powell (born 1833), Fred Powell (born 1842) and Simon Powell (born 1844).

Gabe was a blacksmith living with his wife Julia and children; George (10), Dick (7), Dallas (5), Sara (3)and an unamed (1)male child.
Simon was a laborer living with his wife Sims (30) and children; Marion (15), Margaret (6), Susan (5), Grant (3)and Eliza (11/12).

Gabe and Simon lived in the Colly Township. Their posted office was listed as The Little Sugar Loaf.

Fred (23)lived was Laborer living with his wife Isabella (20). His next door neighbor was Rose Powell (20). Rose lived with her children Alex (7), Calhoon (3) and William (1).
Whites Creek Township, Bladen County

1819 records indicate that Isaac Powell purchased 100 acres of land in the Buckhead Swamp from the King family.

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