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Current Conditions for Elizabethtown, NC


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American Slave Codes


Owner 1860Slaves 1860Slave Homes
J J D Lucas215
W B Lucas152
James Allen5313
Susan R Russ93
Richard M Simpson152
J B Pridgen103
WMH Applewhite31
J R Corbet152
Aaron Peterson92
H G Barnhill11
A J Barnhill11
Isham Peterson31
Wm B Spearman41
Enoch Hawes184
John W Andrews82
Calvin J Dickson265
Samuel Andrews205
Wm Gaylon11
Hayes W Beatty226
J O Pridgen32
Ann Andrews62
Colon Shaw156
David Andrews61
J W Andrews6?
Deborah Robinson71
Charles H Stephens5112
G W Bannerman337
Hannah J Johnson214
John A McKay366
W A Atkinson196
J G Sutton297
R P Melvin42
William Melvin11
Kinion Johnson41
D M Marshburn31
Evan Johnson31
Joel Johnson133
Thomas McInnis93
Malcom McInnis11
Theophilus Tatom113
Daniel Johnson81
William Bordeaux62
Daniel E McDuffie11
Catherine McDuffie81
John Herring123
Thomas M Smith11
Daniel Johnson21
Richard Johnson234
Isaac Powell31
James McDuffie11
Charles B Mulford11
Robert H Melvin11
Elizabeth Andrews274
M W Pridgen314
Hannah E Pridgen53
S W Pridgen4?
M J Pridgen11
Ema C Pridgen5?
James Meredith154
Wm J Sutton131
Jas. M Mulford32
Jas. H Beatty92
L Cromartie336
Wm. J Cromartie243
Anna Cromartie243
P L Cromartie273
Elizabeth McMilon111
Wm. W Andrews263
Wm K Cromartie52
Peter Cromartie124
Wm J Parker61
John C Melvin21
Duncan Melvin52
Laban Carroll285
Wiley Reeves21
John M Reeves21
Andrew Melvin11
Jas. K Melvin93
Jonas Smith11
Robert Melvin51
John Smith102
Wm. J Fisher11
G S Bronson4110
Elijah Fisher11
Henry Bullard31
Hugh Simpson42
David Jones43
Elizabeth Jones11
Penelope McDaniel101
Love McDaniel132
James Hall11
Wiley Hall11
A W Melvin63
Daniel Smith51
John Downing11
Wm. Suggs132
N West41
Wm. J Jessup21
Luke Sikes41
Jas. W Cromartie316
Mary J Downing11
Elizbeth Melvin143
Matilda Melvin11
Hugh Simpson153
Stephen Hair11
Wm. J Fisher21
E W Bacon51
Raiford Fisher132
Wm. Melvin51
Barbary A Melvin123
D D Beard21
Solomon Faircloth31
D B Melvin174
Joseph F Melvin82
Edmond B Richardson296
Wm. J Dunham11
Jas. S Dunham295
Jno. Richardson386
Jonathan Melvin71
Demaris Melvin91
Rosannah J Melvin31
David Jones11
Melvina Young11
John Sikes242
Elizabeth McKay11
Alvin C McAlister263
John Young163
Charles J Davis124
J W Davis114
Wm. W Cogdell51
A J Davis11
S C Owen??
James Johnson11
Raiford Cole51
Chas. T Dais21
D L Cogdell31
James M Jessup82
David Underwood31
J N Jessup11
Amos Martin11
Owen Smith21
L D McManan41
Elizabeth Beard91
James Melvin11
Wm. G Bryan21
A J Bryan51
Isaac Wright30155
Malcom Monroe152
James B Simpson235
Mary Simpson11
John A Robinson416
David G Robinson194
A T Harris123
Thomas J Jones469
F C Gilispi285
E Andrews183
S Andrews172
Thomas O Brown93
Mortimer Brown82
W H Brown94
John B Brown195
David Flowers219
John King206
James Oliver123
C M Daniel51
H R Daniel51
Sarah A Daniel31
John C Daniel51
J W Levingston11
J or T Evans31
William King11
Alex King143
Beverly Daniel113
James King436
D B Gilispi356
William Daniel83
Henry Bright11
Henry B Jones5?
James A Parker133
Wm. Westbrook11
J W Maltsby11
Ann Maltsby101
Josiah Maltsby11?
K K Coucil112
Robert Council113
Bethel Mears203
Neill Buie71
J D Foy134
Neill Chancy224
Calvin Jones22
Quincy Jones11
Jesse Jones154
D Green11
A F Shaw11
Daniel P Shaw41
Caroline Shaw102
R Shaw103
Abel Burney31
Sarah Burney11
Catherine J Burney11
Jonathan Singletery93
Lewis McNorton11
John K Clark11
Ann McKay41
J W Russ464
A H Perry41
Levi Benson31
Neill Clark11
W J Kemp101
J Kemp11
Mary M Wooten265
Neill Graham195
Mary J Cromartie93
W A Savage111
John H Clark81
A K Cromartie142
H A Monroe305
Lency A McDougald93
Margaret McDougald81
Emily McAlister2?
Wm J McKithan11
Archibald Campbell11
Joseph R Kemp409
John McCall275
Wm Shipman213
Mariam McKithan11
Daniel N Buie31
Duncan Kelly92
E Campbell21
Alex McDougald11
Daniel M Shaw53

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