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Owner 1850Slaves 1850
J B Kelly12
Abigail Kelly1
Zilpha Southerland2
Ann Graham45
Stephen Graham9
A J Stanford21
Nells Bradshaw1
Thomas Maxwell1
Mr Dobson15
Joseph D Carr4
Linda Carr16
O Carr19
John Whitehead6
David Carr4
John Mallard1
James Mallard1
Michael Teachy1
J James Carr1
James Hall13
B Cavanough1
J Henderson1
O English2
? Cavanough1
Nathan Butts2
Yates? Brooks1
David Brown16
Thomas Murphy2
Jim Murphy2
Robert Wallace2
Basonet Brock1
J Joseph Chester1
Richard Chester12
Richard Chester Jr6
Cathy Brown4
L Williams Sr4
L Williams Jr1
L Maxwell1
J Bostick1
Ann Oglesby7
A K Kilpatrick5
Ann Canel6
J W Boney8
D G H Bradshaw1
William Boney Sr3
William Bryan7
William Boney Jr7
Nella Boney7
Hanson J Murphy9
Dorothy Boney30
G Boney7
J Ward2
Joseph Wells2
Bart Carr3
Ann Williams22
Stephen Herring21
John Page11
H Marshburn2
Benjamin Newkirk54
Charles B Newkirk9
Joseph Marshburn1
Robert C Johnston7
Charles Page4
Charles M Marshburn3
Mary Howell7
George Newton7
Eda Brinson1
Bryan Williams17
James Huphan9
Josh Roberson2
James A Vann1
William Bland9
Alfred Ward3
James Johnston2
Thomas? Turner2
Joseph Alderman1
W C Chestnutt6
W Rich27
Margarette Stanford6
Stephen Herring12
Thomas Stephens Sr6
David Southerland7
John Barden12
Lewis C Oats13
James D Wilson11
Roil Carlton8
Killba Hollingsworth3
William Fenand?4
William Sherwood1
S Peterson10
W M Picket1
E L Parkins1
D Taylor1
S W Swinson4
Mary Swinson4
John Swinson6
David Sloan26
Nancy Shuffield2
H Murray4
Charles Chambers10
Thomas Shepherd Jr3
R D Sloan4
Stokes? Wells9
William Brooks3
William Boney33
J W Boney11
Sam Bradshaw5
Daniel Boney11
Wiley Teachy1
Mary Teachy30
Ann McFee1
C McMillan37
Daniel Teachy6
Elizabeth Teachy2
George Wilson2
O Carr5
Catherine Southerland2
Boney Wells Jr3
Boney Wells Sr15
George Wilson1
Elizabeth Barefoot4
James Wilson4
Kilba Clalmon?1
John Wallace3
Joseph Boon3
Herman Mathis7
Robert Williams1
Stephen Williams21
James K Williams16
W B Wells5
Mary Wells4
John Peterson1
J Newkirk105
Jacob Heath1
Alford Hall16
Jacob Wells Jr12
Needam Bryan8
William Byrd5
William Usher18
Henry Hall14
David Southerland3
D Chestnut1
J W Wells9
Charles Stokes44
Helan Stokes10
Jacob Wells16
John G? Jr1
Mary Beasly1
Hardy Strickland?
James B Monk37
N P Mathis11
Jacob Mathis11
Jacob W Taylor1
Jeni Moore11
Mathis Bogans4
B Beasly6
Mary Beasly1
Elizabeth Carlton4
Noah West1
John Frederick3
Noris Frederick Sr6
Noris Frederick Jr14
Isaac Taylor3
Owen West3
William Carlton10
Thomas Torrans10
D B Nicholson12
William Carrol5
Silas Bas?4
O R Kenan49
Patrick Frederick3
James Gillespie13
H Bourden23
P House1
Mary Heath1
J B Bas?12
H Carlton5
Thomas McGen?22
Henry Minders10
Susan Johnston5
Brooks Bourden9
M Johnston3
R Best19
H Best30
Robert Best6
G E Buckman1
Zilpha Pollock1
William Boyet5
Nancy Ezzle3
John Blanchard3
Willis Wilson12
James Hollingsworth2
A Best8
A Barden5
S L Gaven5
A Boyet3
J L Carlton12
James Dickson47
Susan Dickson16
Robert Carrol4
Stephen English2
Joseph Cavanough1
Hosia Murray52
J A Boney2
J P Jordan40
? Stallings3
Hugh Stallings1
J Brock6
Thomas Stallings10
N Murray24
Daniel Murray17
H Murray24
D Boney1
A Bryan1
David Rouse2
E Henderson1
E Mallard3
David Rouse Jr4
E W Armstrong8
E W Hall2
John McAnn17
J W Hall9
Thomas Davis10
Lincon Shuffield6
Eustice Judge6
James Judge10
Blanch Hall19
Mary Stallings2
N Sandlin7
Joseph Brooks2
Heugh Farrion?9
M Farrion?34
James Chassertan3
H N Houston2
Maxa Manning2
Hester Packer45
Thomas Burton15
C Murray5
N Murray7
Ollen Mobley1
Rily Sholar1
J James2
Bryan Manddy1
Dennis Laman1
R Laman1
Charles Laman1
Elizabeth Battes1
Nancy Williams13
J Battes29
J Cole1
H Martina1
A Brown7
J D Carrol12
Gibson Carr8
S Hines1
Chauncy G?15
R B Morrisy11
A Hussey22
Joseph Brooks4
William Brice8
John Green4
John Carr6
Dickson Mallard2
William Bostick4
James P Carr2

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