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Owners in McDanielsSlavesSlave Homes
Daniel Melvin257
William Owens52
Robert Parker31
John Wright112
Miles Owens214
Elizabeth Owens5?
Haywood Peterson21
Gaston Peterson21
Neill Watson71
James M Smith21
Daniel McDaniel41
James Hobbs122
Haywood Rich71
Lott Rich Sr273
James A Peterson204
Sarah Carroll102
Isaac Wright396
Lewis H Rich286
Elizabeth Rich41
Albert Rich81
Lott Rich Jr41
Redden Owens122
Irwin Owens183
James Lewis51
James B Highsmith91
Catherine Smith31
Nelson Lockamay11
Edmund B Owens82
Amos Powell92
Wesley Parker21
Timothy Parker11
Catherine Parker11
Stephen Melvin41
Owners in Little CoharieSlavesSlave Homes
Gaston Spell42
Elizabeth Spell21
Handy Spell274
William Branch82
Rhoda Branch11
Hardy Bennett112
Zilphia Cooper62
John Cooper112
Zachariah Royal11
Arthur Brown41
George W Autry134
John D Culbreth11
Alexander Hall31
John Fort102
Joseph Parker21
Benson Owens81
Gabriel Parker123
Raiford Owens61
John Lucas21
Adolph Howard51
Benson Parker31
William Herring51
Jane Herring113
Timothy Herring21
James White498
John Mathis286
Thomas Parker21
Daniel Parker61
Michal Owens71
William G Fowler21
Algernon Rose41
Henry Owens52
James Bullard31
Owen Owenw31
Thomas Culbreth14?
Elizabeth Underwood235
Owners in South ClintonSlavesSlave Homes
John Molton4812
Elizabeth Underwood21
Nathan Bell31
Jim B Killen19?
John L Boykin326
Lewis Boykin93
R F Boykin418
B Williamson41
Jacob Highsmith122
William Kirby355
Allmand A McKay173
Bold R Hood72
L C Hubbard11
Alfred Johnson41
Alexander ?11
Warren Johnson31
Jonathan Moseley11
A B Chesnutt
James Oats244
William D Pearsall397
Owners in ClintonSlavesSlave Homes
George Marsh21
Jacob Chesnutt6?
John E Fortner4?
William Williamson143
Felix Kelly11?
Abel Sutton21
Ernest Chesnutt21
James Peterson225
William D Robinson42
Ernest Peterson166
Henry Moore122
Robert Peterson81
Sarah Herring41
David Herring41
Samuel Boon41
James Vann527
Mary Butler10?
Peyton Peterson11
Thomas Boykin204
James Vann21
John R Ezzell203
Allen Williamson51
William H Boykin122
David Underwood193
John Boykin405
John B Bpykin92
Mary Boykin183
Fleet R Peterson264
Marsden? Peterson11
Malcom Carroll152
Caroline Boykin51
Thomas Mathis132
James C Holmes92
William W Tillens?3010
Benjamin F Marable11
Thomas M Lee374
Richard C Holmes537
John Nance11
George M Gibbs132
William G Micko?274
Blackman Cox92
William DeVane11
George M Draughon57?
Allmand Holmes57?
Owners in LisbonSlavesSlave Homes
John M Robinson11
Valentine Vann122
William H Vann31
Richard Herring15?
Haywood Boykin164
William Carson?11
Allen Blackman164
Ann Blackman92
Owen H Johnson144
Amos W Johnson102
King S Carty (Carter)?41
James C Robinson164
George Robinson193
Joseph D Carty (Carter)?81
John H Spearman438
Solomon Boykin122
George M Cain41
James H Lamb426
Richardson Tatum14?
John Brown61
Bright Johnson62
Hardy Herring224
Hardy Herring in trust184
George Robinson51
Owen Herring193
John S Herring41
Milton Fennell224
George Herring21
Amos Johnson82
Nathan Herring234
Kibbes Chestnutt81
William Herring51
Elizabeth Herring61
James Treadwell182
Daniel D Sloan132
John Smith52
Catherine Hollingsworth21
John B Robinson134
Rebecca Robinson51
George M Herring133
Dicey Herring61
Catherine Johnson145
James Armstrong82
John Bullard11
Benjamin Robinson142
Hillory Tatum41
Nehemiah Herring102
Elizabeth Boykin41
Owners in MingoSlavesSlave Homes
Gordon Smith22
Marley K Tew11
James M Williford11
Lewis Tew142
Josiah Jernigan92
Martin Jernigan234
David Godwin102
Enoch Godwin51
John Godwin31
Sarah J Warren113

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